Tip #72 Ask This "Get to Know You" Question

What is the characteristics of one of your favorite teachers?

Tip #71 Attend a German Festival

Tip #70 Photo Shoot Date

Do an easy photo shoot using your own digital camera. Find an unusual setting or background in your city to take the photos. It can be inside or outside. Some great photo shoot locations are tourist attractions, gardens, parks, out in the country, up in the mountains, on a beach, near a lake, etc. Develop the photos and assemble into a beautiful photo album.

Tip #69 Collect Leaves

Go into the mountains and collect different leaves then come back and identify them.

Tip #68 Spend Time at a Large Library

Walk through a large city library and show each other your favorite magazine. Also go to each floor of the library and find a favorite book you can share with your date. Find a comfortable couch and sit and relax.

Tip #67 Four-leaf Clover Hunt

when you find one, make a wish, then work to make it come true.

Tip #66 Ask This "Get to Know You" Question

What is one of the best or most memorable gifts you have ever received?

Tip #65 Have a Picnic at a Golf Course

Have a picnic at a nearby golf course and then play golf together.

Tip #64 Soup Hopping Date

This is a lot of fun on a colder winter night when you crave a delicious, hot bowl of soup. Select a few restaurants. Sit, relax and share a bowl of soup with some hot bread and cheese at each location.

Tip #63 Story of My Life Date

Have each other cut out pictures from a magazine to tell their own life story, or make up a story from the pictures they find OR put together a fantasy "story of your life". You can learn a lot about your date from this activity.

Tip #62 Massage Date

Give your date a back massage or a foot rub. Don’t forget to put some soft music on in the background like Nora Jones, Andrea Bocelli, etc. Take turns so that one person doesn’t end up doing all the work.

Tip #61 Have A Fashion Show

Take your date to a store and have them try on clothes. Let them decide which ones they think you look the best in. You can also do this with hair. Let your date look through fashion magazines to see which hair-style they would like to see you in. Be willing to try new looks and styles.


Tip #60 Ask This "Get to Know You" Question

Tell about a time when you surprised someone.

Tip #59 Invite a Private Instructor or Teacher

to come to you for your next date! To find the kind of instructor you are looking for, go to the Adult Community Class Catalog. Find something that sounds interesting and fun. Call the campus and ask for the name and phone number of the instructor. Find out how much they would charge to come and do some private tutoring for you and your date. Lots of times they may work with you if you are on a budget.

Tip #58 Take a Class Together

If you don’t get a catalog delivered to your home, go to a library and ask for the local Adult Community Education Class Catalog that is offered at least three times a year in most states. Classes may be offered from a local university, college or a high school community campus for adults. You will discover hundreds of ideas for wonderful activities or classes to do on a weekly date. The class may be offered from two to nine weeks which should keep you and your date busy for awhile! Be sure and stop and get a little treat on the way home.

Tip #57 Campfire Date

Find a place in your area where you can have a campfire. Roast marshmallows. Bring camping chairs. Bring a guitar or harmonica and play it if possible. Prepare some hot chocolate or hot drinks a head of time. Collect plenty of wood and have matches all ready to go. It’s a great place to sit back, relax and talk about anything.

Tip #56 Pizza or Calzone Date

Instead of going out for Pizza, create your own Calzone or Pizza at home. Calzones are “wrapped up” pizzas. For ways to make a great pizza, go to Allrecipes.com and do a search on “Pizza or Calzone”.

Tip #55 Homemade Soap Date

That’s right! Soap – not SOUP! “Create your Own Soap" then if it turns out nice enough, wrap some up for a little “gift-giving” to a friend, neighbor or family member. To learn how, go to: http://www.wikihow.com/Make-Homemade-Soap


Tip #54 Ask This "Get to Know You" Question

What would you do with your time if you didn’t have or watch a TV?

Tip #53 Anticipation Can Be as Much Fun as the Date Itself.

Tip #52 Make Bibs and Eat Ribs

Have a bib-making contest then enjoy a take-out order of ribs! Give a prize to the one with the best bib. Find all kinds of unique fabric remnants at any Fabric Store.

Tip #51Don’t Try to Impress

Tip #50 Try a Different Mode of Transportation

Ride a bike, enjoy a horse carriage or rent a sports car for the night. Depending on the season and weather conditions, go to a favorite park or school and go roller-blading, roller-skiing, bike riding, sledding, snowshoeing or simply enjoy a casual walk and be grateful for living in the beautiful world we live in. After leaving the park or school, go back to your home and eat a delicious dinner that was prepared by you in a slow cooker. By now it should be hot and ready when you and your date arrive. Don’t forget the tablecloth and lit up candle for an easy special effect. Check out the book 101 Things to Make in a Slow Cooker.

Tip #49 Make a Special Treasure For Your Date

Find out as much as you can about your date before you go out with him/her. Find items at a Thrift Store that represent your date in some way. Collect and put them in a special container or treasure box. After a delicious dinner surprise him/her with the treasure box and see if your date can guess what each item represents about his/her life. Use questions in the Creative Dating Books to learn more about him.


Tip #48 Ask This "Get to Know You" Question

What is one of your favorite traditions in your family?

Tip #47 Create a Fun, Relaxing and Comfortable Atmosphere

Tip #46 Make a Mural on Butcher Paper

Plan a head of time with your date to decide what to draw on the mural. All supplies can be found at a paper supply store and an arts and crafts store. If it turns out great, go to a place like Kinkos and have it laminated and keep as a treasure on your wall. Working on a project with your date is always a great experience! You can learn a lot about each other in this type of situation.

Tip #45 Go Christmas Caroling

Dress in layers and go Christmas caroling down Main Street or another busy street in December. Fill a thermos full of Hot Apple Cider.

Tip #44 Create a Special Evening in the Back of a Truck

or rented moving van. Feel free to decorate it any way you want. Don’t forget some finger foods, drinks and music for dancing under the stars. You may want to catch a drive-in movie also.

Tip #43 Have a Bib-making Contest

Then enjoy a take-out order of ribs! Give a prize to the one with the best bib. Find all kinds of unique fabric remnants at any Fabric Store.