Tip #36 Ask This "Get to Know You" Question

Tell about one of the proudest moments in your life.

Tip #35 Be Prepared

Do I want to do any special preparations to enhance this date? (Decorations, music, special effects, prizes, gifts, favors, thank-you notes, photos, etc.)

Tip #34 Allow Your Date to Enjoy the Evening The Way He/She Would Like to.

Tip #33 Keep it Simple and Creative

Tip #32 Roll With the Punches

If something doesn’t go right, or as planned, roll with the punches and go with the flow.

Tip #31 Keep a Positive Attitude

Have a Positive attitude and you can’t go wrong.

Tip #30 Ask This "Get to Know You" Question

What would a perfect day be like for you?

Tip #29 Know Your Budget

You'll want to know this very important imformation, before you plan a date.

Tip #28 Visit a Museum and You Be the Guide

Go to a visitor’s center or museum and pretend that your or your date is the guide.

Tip #27 Decorate a Cake

Prepare or buy a non-decorated cake along with icing or pudding and other interesting things to decorate it with. Keep this date in a kitchen or if you are going to a park, bring items to clean up with. Decorate the cake together using your own creative ideas. For more fun, blindfold one of you with a spatula and see how well the cake turns out.

Tip #26 Old West Date

Have your date dress up in Old Western clothes. Take a box lunch and go visit old trains or ride a train in your area.


Tip #25 Give your Date Survey Questions

Take a survey that you made up, asking your date questions i.e. What is your favorite electronic toy? What did you have for dinner last night? Who is your favorite college or pro football team? If you were to buy a gift in any store for someone right now, what would it be and whom would it be for? For more ideas of questions to ask your date, see the following page. Take turns answering these questions so your date gets to know you better also.

Tip #24 Go on a Backwards Date

Do everything backwards (i.e. klaw, klat, sserd, tae, etirw, .cte)

Tip #23 Listen to a an Audio Mystery

Park in a secluded place and listen to "Mystery Theater" radio drama or other mystery books on any electronic device i.e. iPod, tape, or CD. For added effect wear sunglasses and a trench coat.

Tip #22 Have a Mud-Bowl Game

or snow-bowl game: play football, dodge ball or soccer in the mud or snow then go swimming or hot tubing afterwards to warm up. Take a thermos of hot chocolate or cider to enjoy afterwards.

Tip #21 Go For a Night Walk

Walk in a safe area of your town, neighborhood or city i.e. college campus, downtown area lit up with Christmas lights, a popular nature trail, etc. End the date with a hot bowl of soup and corn bread.

Tip #20 Take a Midnight Moonlit Hike

Go for a midnight hike with a full moon OR go on snowshoes or cross-country skis. Go there a head of time during the day so you’ll be familiar with the area at night.

Tip #19 Carve a Pumpkin Together

In the fall, buy a pumpkin together then go somewhere to carve it. For a surprise and a delicious treat, surprise your date with pumpkin cookies, pumpkin pie, pumpkin soup and/or pumpkin bread.

Tip #18 Ask This "Get to Know You" Question

Describe a time you felt you were lucky.

Tip #17 Draw Pictures of Each Other

Get all your supplies at a local art or craft store. Use pencils, crayons, chalk, etc.

Tip #16 Have a Whipped Cream Fight

Use the pressure canned whipped cream. Best prices for buying these cans are at Costco.

Tip #15 Read Together Under a Tree

Bring a book that you know your date would enjoy. Find a tree that you can sit under OR if you can both climb the tree and get comfortable, read the book up there. Don’t forget to bring a basket of cheese, crackers, fruit, your favorite drink and relax under the tree before you leave.

Tip #14 Paint Icicles

If it’s wintertime, paint the icicles hanging from rocks in the canyons or from your house.

Tip #13 Hang Out at the Ski Resort

If your date doesn’t ski, have fun at a ski resort anyway by dressing up like skiers and hang out at a ski lodge. See if you can make friends with at least one person before you leave.


Tip #12 Ask this "Get to Know You" Question

What is your favorite time of year and why?

Tip #11 Have a Finger Painting Party

For more fun, do it with your toes. Visit any craft store for the supplies.

Tip #10 Go Shopping in Unfamiliar Store

Go shopping at a store that you’ve never been to or one that is unfamiliar to you. Each of you will find a few items to fit in these categories: 1) strangest 2) most inexpensive 3) most unique OR think of your own categories. Give yourself a time limit to report back and discuss the items. Buy them if you like.

Tip #9 Go Smoothie or Drink hopping

Do a taste test of several different types of drinks or smoothies. Bring a bundle of brightly colored straws and cups with you for added effect.

Tip #8 Romantic Surprise

Blindfold your date and drive around for a few minutes until they are disoriented. Don’t leave them blindfolded for more than 15 minutes since it gets very annoying. The idea is NOT to annoy your date. End at a scenic place (i.e. a parking lot overlooking the lights of the city, etc.). Surprise your date with a prepared romantic dinner or snack. Don’t forget a blanket to sit on or a couple of camping chairs to relax in. A couch in the back of a truck is always fun!

Tip #7 Old Fashion date night

Dress up in old-fashioned clothes bought at a Thrift Store and eat at an old-fashioned ice cream store.

Tip #6 Ask This "Get to know You" Question

What job would you like to have when you’re older?

Tip #5 Plan a Treasure Hunt

When your date comes to the door, he/she will find a NOTE or TAPE RECORDER. The message will read: "Good evening, _________________, Your mission, should you decide to accept it, is to solve this mystery. (You can elaborate on this). Prepare clues ahead of time. Your date must follow each clue, (could be hidden in the yard or somewhere nearby) which will take them to the next clue. The last clue will have a special event waiting i.e. a candlelight dinner, etc.


Tip #4 Simple Date at a Nice Hotel

Get Dressed up and go to an upscale hotel in your area, sit in the lobby or a cocktail area and enjoy live entertainment. Call ahead to find out details.

Tip #3 Go People Watching

There are excellent “people watching” locations like large libraries, museums, tourist attractions, airports, shopping malls, etc. and observe a wide variety of people there.

Tip #2 Go Appetizer Hopping

Hit several restaurants and try out nothing but the appetizers! Rate them and see who has the best.

Tip #1 Go Dessert Hopping

Choose a few restaurants, go to each one and order one dessert to share. While you eat be sure and take in the atmosphere of each place. Be sure and rate the dessert to see which restaurant makes the best one. While you are waiting for the dessert, take advantage of the opportunity to learn more about each other by asking each other some of the “get to know you” questions found in the back of this book. Whether you are newlywed, not married at all OR married for several years, you can learn a lot about each other by asking creative questions and listening to the answers. This should never be a one-sided quiz. Make sure both of you answer the questions.